Still life painting

The last time I did any still life drawing was back at school in sixth form. In pencil. Never in paints. I signed up for the fabulous Acrylic April Challenge with the most amazing lady in the USA who is known as The Art Sherpa. Shes challenging those who want to take part to paint a little piece every day. So on day 2 it was a still life painting. A bowl of peaches to be exact.

Painting a still life piece rather than in pencil really didnt sit right with me. I didn’t honestly know I could do it and If I did would it be any good. The guideline was to complete the painting “loosely” within an hour. Ummmmm well mine took over 4 hours to complete!!

This is the finished piece. I am so glad I stuck with it. I don’t think I’ve done a bad job of it. The photo taken doesn’t really do the painting justice. I think it looks much nicer in the flesh.

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