My first exhibition!

After rediscovering my passion for painting after 17 years I have been working on my technique and skills with every piece. I’m finally beginning to really love what I do.

When I pick up a paintbrush and begin working on a new piece everything around me stops. I become completely immersed in the brushstrokes. I’m sure I’m not alone where this is concerned. (I do still remember to check on my young daughter though!)

So imagine my delight when I get selected to display two pieces of my work in an upcoming large exhibition at a major Midlands hospital! I entered on a whim really not thinking I was good enough really - as I doubt my ability constantly - so was rather gobsmacked.

My “woodland walk through bluebells” and “field of poppies” will be hung in University Hospital of Coventry & Warwickshire in their Summer art exhibition.

It is recognised that the arts have a key role in delivering an improved patient environment and have a significant contribution to make in improving the wellbeing and health of patients, service users and carers as well as staff and those working in health and the arts.

The Healing Arts Summer Exhibition will be running from 15 June to 30 September 2019. Needless to say I’m very very excited!

This will be my first exhibition of work.

For more information on Healing Arts at UHCW visit:

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