About Rebecca Jane 

Exhibiting local artist taking commissions. Based in Rugby Warwickshire Rebecca Jane has worked on a range of commissions for surprise birthdays, Christmas, thank you’s, new baby/nursery, teacher gifts and many more. She works closely with customers to provide high standard unique vibrant pieces. Affordable art by Rebecca Jane ranges from £6 to £150 + P&P. If you’re looking for a personalised and unique gift for a loved one then please contact Rebecca Jane for a consultation.  

Rebecca Jane is a member of The Rugby Art & District Society.


Being creative has always been part of my life, whether it be sketching, painting, ceramics or even dance.

From an early age I have always appreciated art and have loved to paint. 

During my schooling the life and works of LS Lowry and Vincent Van Gogh were prominent influences.  I won various competitions in the local newspaper submitting pieces of work.  I thoroughly enjoyed GCSE pottery at school.   After sitting my GCSEs I decided to resit one to obtain a higher grade taking on also business studies and GCSE Art.  Sadly I realised it was too much to take on and dropped the GCSE Art.  

After completing my schooling I applied and successfully gained a place on a Art Foundation Course at Worcester Art School.    After much thought I decided that business studies would be a better option career wise and reluctantly didn't take up the Art School offer.  I have regretted this for many many years.

Over the years since I have dabbled mainly in watercolours.  I have visited a variety of art galleries and exhibitions including Pablo Picasso's largest exhibition at the old Tate Modern in London.  I also visited the Royal Academy's exhibition of The Life of Van Gogh.  I travelled to Amsterdam and absolutely loved visiting The Van Gogh Museum. I was completely enthralled.  It was here in Amsterdam also where I found an appreciation of Johannes Vemeer's work.  

Life then took over and whilst I still have a love for the arts etc family became the priority and a paintbrush wasn't picked up for almost 17 years.  I got married and became a parent to a beautiful little girl.  

Following a family holiday to Greece in May 2018 ,in which my husband booked me a two hour private ceramics lesson, I realised how much I was missing being creative.  Due to my husband's shift patterns I was unable to book a place on a local ceramics course and started sourcing a local art group instead which I could attend around juggling hubbie's shift pattern and our young 6 year old daughter. 

After 17 years I was rather nervous about getting started again and stumbled across a fabulous set up called Painting Perfect. They are led by a fantastic artist Jon and his friend who show you in simple steps how to recreate one of their pieces of artwork.  It seemed rather daunting but my goodness I was of a different opinion completely by the time I left the venue that first evening!   The photo to the left of this is my finished painting having completed my first piece in 17 years - and in a medium I had never used before either.

I have had so much fun since that first evening.  My confidence is growing and I've not only attended three of their events but I'm also painting at home, in acrylics.